Hi, I'm Lou. I’m your companion on your journey towards a self-determined life.

You may have experienced violence yourself or may want to support someone who has. No matter your questions or worries: I am here to help. Because sometimes you just need somebody by your side who guides your way.

Lou&You webapp opened on a smartphone

I have answers to your questions –
or I can show you someone who does

Whatever you personally need right now, it’s my mission to help you on your personal journey. If you like, I can suggest where you can go and who to ask in your area. I can also give you advice that can help you both practically and emotionally.

If you need help,I’m here for you 24/7 and wherever you go 
I show you all the information and help services you personally need in one place
You can stay anonymous with me, so you know you are safe when looking for help
I’ll help you plan your next stepsso you don’t need to wonder what options there are for you
I am here for you, with no strings (or costs) attached now and forever

when I say “for everyone”, I mean it

Since every situation is different, it is important to me to make sure that my support is intersectional, inclusive, and sensitive towards discrimination and accessibility. To effectively fight against domestic and sexual violence, we must consider the unique ways it can affect people that are additionally disenfranchised and marginalized. Marginalized people of any kind are most often and uniquely subjected to violence, yet also experience the most challenges trying to access the information, resources and care they need.

I keep these problems in mind when I help you. Do you have concerns or want to give me feedback or criticism? I’m always open to your perspective and input: