together for a violence-free future

The idea for Lou&You arose from the personal experience that there are still far too many hurdles that people affected by domestic and sexual violence have to overcome in order to receive help. Numerous organizations, counseling services, and support agencies do endlessly important work for victims, day in and day out, providing support of immeasurable value. Yet they, too, face numerous challenges.

a perfect match

Reduced funding and a lack of support from policymakers mean that help centers are unable to fully exploit the potential of digitization. This is exactly where Lou&You sees the opportunity: the expertise of the contact points for those affected, coupled with our know-how about digital innovations and technical possibilities, can finally bring the help system into the 21st century.

tackling problems as a cooperation partner

Whether it's a human rights organization, counseling center, hospital, hotline, law firm or shelter - together with our cooperation partners, we create a unique network that rethinks problems and finds digital solutions for existing hurdles. Currently, only 20 percent of those affected by domestic and sexual violence seek help from the existing contact points.  There are many reasons for this, ranging from fear of confiding in a stranger on the phone to a lack of mobility and flexibility that makes it difficult to visit counseling centers at the right location at the right opening time. This problem is further exacerbated by a huge overload of counseling centers in general.

digitization – made easy

Lou&You is working to remove these hurdles for those affected by digital means and at the same time improve the work of those helping. To do this, we hold numerous discussions with organizations, doctors, lawyers, data protection experts, psychologists and anti-discrimination consultants. By developing digital tools, we can help organizations reach people affected by violence more easily, save time and resources, and improve networking among themselves.

finally, reliable studies on violence

An important part of Lou&You's work is the anonymized analysis of the usage data of our users who find help via the web app. It goes without saying that data protection is our top priority. In collaboration with renowned research institutions, we want to conduct qualitative and quantitative studies based on this data and digital questionnaires. This will enable us to gain even deeper insights into needs, problems, opportunities and intersectional relationships. The results of the studies will in turn strengthen the arguments of the organizations, giving them more clout in implementing concrete political demands.

breaking new ground

Do you work for an organization and are eager to learn even more about what we're up to? Have questions or an idea about how we can support your work? We look forward to talking with you and hearing what should be different for those affected by violence or in your work. Just write an email to Nessa at, our contact person for organizations.


Nessa Bell
Chief Development Officer aka the person

connecting Lou&You with organizations